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released May 29, 2014




all rights reserved


ACCIDNTLPLAN Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville-based sugar-synthpop for those who are, feel, wish they were, live, and/or act, young.


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Track Name: Shine, Shine On
everyone who thought that
they knew me in the past
well they were wrong
everything to them is a joke
until they stood and
heard this song
faceless fiends cowering
behind screens
will soon see their demise
i can scream at the top
in the night of a thousand
prying eyes

sometimes the city sparkles
seeing me see through
rain on a silver mini
i love and loves me too.
footsteps from every angle
work in the hustle mine
diamonds uncovered daily
shine on. shine, shine on.

now and then at times i
thought that i was being
lead blindly here
til i realized that you
only see yourself in
those held dear
flying home should've known
there'd be only one here still for me.
sleeping sound I was
in-your-arms bound
restless dreams
made across the sea

barely making it just across the sea
i love the air late at night cause no one knows
all of the film unraveling reals
i'm just taking notes.
Track Name: Splashdown (ft. Janelle B.)
had i known this could be real, i'd blow it
a sabotage of happy things like a meal
you're a honey pot and girl you know it
camoflauge my sappy songs and never feel

would you be my queen
and we could rule the scene
the undisputed team of
living for the now.

if this limousine
does become routine
and i have it all you know i'd give you everything

splashdown, up and down
we're feelin' funny when we hit the ground
kick drum pressure is the only sound
and we never stop runnin til we run the town. get it?
oh, back-back around
steppin forward to receive the crown
this is how we do it getting up and down
and we never stop runnin til we run the town...

when it comes to you and me i feel it
magic flowing when we touch each other
enjoy the sums of these two parts admit it
adjectives they don't do much to tell another

how this queen and king
have come to rule the scene
the undisputed team of
living for the now.

page one of magazines
has become routine
now i've got it all you know i'll give you everything.

i know that you love me boy do
you know that i love you?
you don't have to say a word
never will i doubt you

i am still your queen
and i am still your king
ruling over nothing but our love

growing old with me
will never be routine
cuz you and I will always have exactly what we need.
Track Name: Island: To Live and Love Alone
"an island's what you'll stay"
that's what she told me
i guess she thought it couldn't get much worse
"to be alone or not to be's the question" i'm
a bit confused but that is going in my verse...

this is not the way
this is not the way
to live & love alone

i know that you love it but we really shouldn't end this (here)

"the weather's perfect."
that is what i told her.
i guess i took the island thing too far.
the tropics angered but I caught her smiling.
you can't contain the feeling good up in a jar.

an island doesn't have an easy way out
the living's easy though if you should stay
together we'll create a paradise here
from time to time though we can still charter a plane.

this is just the way
this is just the way
to live & love alone.

Track Name: Lola
your day beginning while night calls for me
asleep or waking the fight now shall be
dependent on your charm
or how you stroke your arm
but never critical as
soon as she hears your voice
concede the dawn, aurora
the dreamers now rejoice.

oh my lola
you put me to sleep
were i in england
i'd pray (fail) to keep
up all my manners
and hold my tongue in cheek
without your tapping (accent)
i'm counting sheep.

A ptness to quiver the restless of crowds
S hivers deliver your message no doubt.
M y goodness you're a gem
R ecording heroine.
relaxing guaranteed
when you are atop my feed
and even if I'm caffeinated,
girl, your kindness supersedes.

lola should we ever meet
i'll take you for tea
cuz just like the kinks said
you really got me
you really got me
Track Name: The Wall
i don't ever want to see this scape
if we do they'll never change
everything will go away
this is how i feel today
every morning let's continue
getting in the way

now i realize it
it isn't money
but it's time to grow up
baby let go

cuz/but if we both take a brick
then all of our walls give way
from building up a sheltered heart (surely we can only live)
reliant on a change today

a quick escape is the only way to live free.
just stick with me and be afraid we never will be
when we're united then together we can stand tall
we'll be knighted when we finally cut this cancer out.

if they have it their way then
we're pawns en masse to take their fall
alone we're just as fragile as a fawn
born anew to die at dawn

and once i figured all this out
i was lost oh
and hopeless until our paths crossed